Monday, November 26, 2007

It is fall - time for soup - comfort soup

This recipe is adapted from what Sonia gave to Matt after she had a fabulous soup she loved in Portugal. Knowing Matt's love off all things potato....

sautee in olive oil:
chopped onion, celery and carrots (it matters not how much, I recommend more onion than celery)
salt and pepper

when softened, cover with water (or chicken broth/stock)
and add peeled, chopped potato (2-3 potatoes per onion)

bring all to simmer and take off the heat when the potatoes are tender.

then blend/puree (using handblender is easier, but you could stick this in a blender)

put back on heat and add water/ broth to your desired consistency
then add veg of your choice:
chopped celery and carrots
chopped kale or other milder green - spinach, collards

season with salt, pepper and fresh chopped basil.

Serve with bread, cheese, wine, beer...yummy